the Little Black Dress & a Side of Bling

The Little Black Dress. A staple in every female’s wardrobe, one that simply cannot be lived without. I happen to have at least three LBDs and I honestly could have more than I know. This particular LBD has appeared on Jersey Fabulous before in my Madden Girl Boots post. Fun fact about this LBD: I got it on sale at Charlotte Russe for $5. It was such a steal when I bought it about a year ago! And I’m still wearing it!

I’m honestly super obsessed with bombers, so when my mom had told me last fall that she got me one, I was so excited. Had my mom finally begun to understand my style? Than I so that it was gold AND silver. I was hesitant about it, I like gold and silver separately not together. However, I told her that I would try to make it work and I haven’t regretted my decision to keep it. This bomber has become my favorite piece of bling!

The bomber has turned such a simple and iconic Little Black Dress into a FIT that is worthy of the likes of a Hollywood after party. Though I have yet to try the bomber with a color other than black, I like the different vibes that it gives my various LBDs when I through it on. These are my favorite types of looks. The quick and easy ones that make A STATEMENT without no effort at all. Who knew that some bling could a Little Black Dress to the next level?


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Luke 23:34

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All About My Jumbo Box Braids


I’m back at it again with box braids, but this time they are JUMBO! I used a total of eight packs of hair. I had two 3in1 packs with jumbo braiding hair in the color 4, which equals six packs of hair. I had another pack of hair in the color 4 and one pack and a half in the color 27 (aka the blonde hair). My hair has fifteen braids in total and they are very lightweight.


My hair took about three to five hours to do and my mom actually did them for me. It was her first time doing box braids and I was willing to be guinea pig because I couldn’t stand to do my hair everyday until I got it done again. We did the “rubber band method,” where we divided my hair into sections first and rubber band each. Than to prevent any tangles, my mom twisted my hair. The “rubber band method” is meant to remove tension from the scalp when the hair is braided and decrease the likelihood of hairaches (hair headaches).


After my hair was parted into sections, I separated the hair we bought into fifteen different pieces to guarantee that we had hair and that they were all the same size. I did not put the blonde in all the braids because I just wanted my hair to pop and not look like I went crazy with the hair dye. I loved how this turned out and I hope to someday do this on my own when my braiding skills get better. The jumbo braids were so easy and quick that I’ll definitely do this style more often in the future.


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Matthew 27:46

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an Easter Glow with a Lil’ Dirty Talk


Easter was a beautiful day with that lovely sun shinning behind some spring clouds. To celebrate, the Spring season and Resurrection Day I decided to go for a warm, glowy look. (Not that it mattered because yesterday morning it snowed than rained). When I glow, I like to have a more simple makeup look so it doesn’t seem like too much.


I opted for no eyeliner and just dabbed some – more like a lot – of Dirty Talk from the Urban Decay Heat palette on my eyelids. It was the perfect peach shimmer for the day and complimented my gold toned highlight. When the light it my face just right, I was blessing the word with a fabulous Easter glow.


To keep the look super glossy and glowy, I turned my favorite matte liquid lipstick into my favorite liquid lip gloss. I went with my lightest and most natural looking brown lipstick, I knew that any other color would ruin the entire natural glow I was going for. After I just glossed my lips a whole bunch and viola! That Easter glow paired with a little bit of Dirty Talk made the Spring vibes almost last forever.

Primer: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer

Foundation: Sephora Collection in Deep Ebony

Powder: Black Radiance Soft Focus in Milk Chocolate Finish

Eyeshadow: “Dirty Talk” in the Urban Decay Heat palette

Eyebrows: E.L.F Brow and Liner Pomade in Medium Brown

Concealer: L.A. Girl Concealer in Almond

Highlight: Unknown (aka an old Forever 21 Bronzer)

Lipstick: Academy of Color Matte Liquid Lipstick & a L.A. Girl Clear Lip Gloss

Setting Spray: Wet n Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: John 19:30

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2/17/18 – 2/18/18 Winterfest

Hey lovelies! These are the other two Northeast Winterfest vlogs, which was in Rochester, NY about a month ago. For those of you who are curious about Winterfest, it is a Christian youth convention that helps bring teenagers and young adults closer to God. It is an amazing experience and I love it so much. Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE!


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: John 16:33

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2/16/18 Northeast Winterfest Vlog

Hey lovelies! I just uploaded a new video. It’s a vlog for Northeast Winterfest, which was in Rochester, NY a few weeks ago. This is a three-part vlog, where each video represents a day. I spent three days and two nights in Rochester. For those of you who are curious about Winterfest, it is a Christian youth convention that helps bring teenagers and young adults closer to God. It is an amazing experience and I love it so much. Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE!


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Isaiah 25:1

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Life Journal 2/23/18

img_3344Wowza, I can’t believe that Feburary is nearly over. It feels like 2018 was just yesterday. It always surprises me how the days past by slow, but the months speed by. Last weekend, I want to Northeast Winterfest and I was so very blessed. Winterfest is a youth convention that helps young people connect with God. I went with my church friends and we made the best of it. I’m counting down the days until next year.

Next week, I have another trip (am I busy or what?) down to Atlantic City for my DECA trip. It’s more educational than leisure, because I am actually going for a competition. There will definitely be some time to chill out and explore the city – meaning exploring the parts of my hotel that I am allowed to be in as it is a casino and I am a high school student on a school trip.

After #7DaysofJo, I’ll be taking a small break from blogging and YouTube. It was very strenous for me to record and edit seven videos and write seven blog posts. I mean after it all, I felt super accomplished so I am more than willing to do this at most four times a year. You know, a #7DaysofJo per season we’ll see how that idea turns out. I hope you all have a blessed weekend.


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Matthew 1:20

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My Travel Essentials & Travelbag | #7DaysofJo

As a girl who has been on more than a few trips on in my life, I have certain travel essentials that I always bring with me.

Laptop & Charger & Earbuds

Depending on the trip, I like to bring my Chromebook with me to do homework (I never actually do it) or for my own personal uses like Netflix. Plus, my laptop serves as a great portable charger. Speaking of chargers, my laptop and phone chargers always have to come with me. I obviously don’t want my phone and laptop to die, what would I do? Actually talk to people lol. Earbubs are perfect to have, when you want to sleep and the bus or car is noisy. Just pop them in your ear and listen to some nice music and viola! You’re asleep.

Tissues & Hand Sanitzer

My allergies are terrible, therefore I ALWAYS need to have tissues just in case. My nose has no restraints on the road. I hate the feel of hand santizer, but it’s a must! Without hand santizer, my hands would be filled with germs and unclean things.

Glasses Case & Makeup

Whenever I travel, I only bring the bare minimal of makeup. Especially because I’m usually too lazy to do more than my eyebrows and highlight. I’m usually having too much fun to obsess over my appearnce. I have learned the hard way, the importance of bringing a glasses case for anything that is not a day trip. You got to keep those glasses safe, because they’re experience.

Snacks & Water

I get hungry on the road and need some eneregy. Need I say more?

Book & Blanket

I love getting cozy in any mode of transportation I’m in to get to my destination. A blanket and a good read is the key! There is nothing better than being on the road wrapped up in a blanket, reading a good book.

Hair Supplies

A girl cannot have her hair wrapped up for the entire trip, you know? I have to look presentable after a long ride.

Lotion & Perfume

After being stuck in one place for an excessive amount of time, lotion and perfume are needed. It’ll be horrible to smell like stale food or dried sweat. When traveling, you have to smell good and pretend it’s not a hassle.


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Psalm 33:4-5

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