All About My Jumbo Box Braids


I’m back at it again with box braids, but this time they are JUMBO! I used a total of eight packs of hair. I had two 3in1 packs with jumbo braiding hair in the color 4, which equals six packs of hair. I had another pack of hair in the color 4 and one pack and a half in the color 27 (aka the blonde hair). My hair has fifteen braids in total and they are very lightweight.


My hair took about three to five hours to do and my mom actually did them for me. It was her first time doing box braids and I was willing to be guinea pig because I couldn’t stand to do my hair everyday until I got it done again. We did the “rubber band method,” where we divided my hair into sections first and rubber band each. Than to prevent any tangles, my mom twisted my hair. The “rubber band method” is meant to remove tension from the scalp when the hair is braided and decrease the likelihood of hairaches (hair headaches).


After my hair was parted into sections, I separated the hair we bought into fifteen different pieces to guarantee that we had hair and that they were all the same size. I did not put the blonde in all the braids because I just wanted my hair to pop and not look like I went crazy with the hair dye. I loved how this turned out and I hope to someday do this on my own when my braiding skills get better. The jumbo braids were so easy and quick that I’ll definitely do this style more often in the future.


Joanna Sarah

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Trimming My Natural Hair | #7DayofJo

Hey lovebugs, I just realized I forget to scehdule the last few days of #7DaysofJo. So here I am publishing all at once. Sorry! This #7DaysofJo is just a step by step guide of how I trim my hair. It isn’t an actually turtorial. I hope you all enjoy! Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE!


Joanna Sarah

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Kinky Straight Boutique Bundles Wig | #7DaysofJo

Disclaimer: This is NOT sponsered by Sensationnel Hair.

First of all, this week I’m having a #7DaysofJo where I will be posting a new video every day this week on my YouTube channel and my blog! Stay tuned for more Jo this week!

I was blessed enough to win one of Sensationnel’s giveaway, where I received their Premium Too Kinky Straight Boutique Bundles. I received three bundles that were 18′, 20′. and 22′. It’s human hair mixed with synthetic hair, giving it a mostly realitistic feel. I was super excited when I got the hair because they technically my first ever bundles.


I didn’t know how to style the hair, I was debating between a wig and a sew-in. I decided that a wig would definitely be better, since the hair will be able to be reused and last longer. I got my mom to sew the hair on a dome cap and it was actually pretty easy. I watched a bunch of wig making videos and coached her through the process. The wig turned out amazing.


At first, I was worried about how unnatural the closure looked, but than I realized that the hair is supposed to look like a sew-in. The hair had only two things that I didn’t like about it: it shed a lot and it got tangled often. This mad for some frustrating times when I wanted to braid the hair or just leave it done. I honestly love the thick and straight hair look on me, plus I got my compliments on the style. Overall, I love the hair and would recommend it for beginners with bundles and weave.


Joanna Sarah

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My 2017 Hairstyles

Hi lovelies! Here is a little recap of all my hairstyles I’ve had this year.

At the beginning of the year, I had Goddess Locs. They weren’t lightweight since I had so much locs in my hair. This was a cute hairstyle and I really did love it, but my neck didn’t appreciate it though.

I left my natural hair out for a while, ya know to embrace myself. The pineapple was definitely my most used and quickest hairstyle for that moment. It was slick, but still had some definition.

For a fact, this was definitely one of my favorite hairstyles. I can’t wait to do this hairstyle again. The Jamaican bounce crochet is a look that I love and it was so much fun. I got the most complements with this look. The curls framed my face beautifully.

I went natural again and let my hair bathe in the sunlight. I started doing half ups and half down during the beginning of the summer. The looks were cute and worked with the fun colors of summer.

Around the end of July, I had faux locs again! This was a mixture of the Bomba Boss locs and the goddess locs from earlier in the year. This hairstyle was a much-needed relief from doing my own hair. I honestly love the locs look on me.

I went back to being natural again! Right before school started, I began doing this braided crown look. I feel like this really embraced my natural beauty the most. I just celebrated my hair in its most natural state with only leave-in conditioner.

For the first few months of school, I had on my crochet wig. It was easy and quick to do on the daily. Plus it was used with the leftover locs from the summer. I honestly shocked everyone when they found out it was a wig lol.

Now here we are. I’m ending off the year with box braids and I honestly love them. I haven’t gotten box braids in years and I’ve been obsessed with crochet braids, so they are a nice relief. I’ll probably keep these for another few weeks. Stay tuned to see what my next hairstyle will be!


Joanna Sarah

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My Box Braids

My latest protective hairstyle is triangle part box braids that a family friend did for me. I honestly love them so much. At first, I thought they were too thin but I think the curls really make it work and look pretty thick. It’s so manageable is not heavy at all. I haven’t gotten any headaches and it’s not really heavy. However, my edges were really tight at first now they’ve loosen a little. I have so much more liberty with how I style my hair, it has gotten really manageable. I bought the hair from my local beauty supply store for $4.99. It was the basic jumbo three-in-one braiding hair. I used three packs, which is actually nine packs. To get the ends curly, I braided the hair and dipped it in hot water for about ten minutes. This is such a convenient style and will benefit my kinky hair very much during these cold months.


Joanna Sarah

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Fall & Winter Hairstyle Inspiration

Box Braids

2016 Fall & Winter 2017 Hairstyles for Black and African American Women  10

Box braids are one of the most common hairstyles for black girls, but they are a classic. If you’re going for a simple and pretty look, then box braids are the way to go. They have gotten so easy to accessorize now. Hair has become an accessory of its own with clips, beads, wire, and colorful string. Box braids are perfect if you want a quick interchangeable look that can be accessorized to match any outfit.


I have honestly yet to invest in wigs, but I love the concept of them. You can throw it on before you go out the door and throw it right off as soon as you get home. I think wigs are the best style to protect your hair and let it grow to its true potential. Because it’s not attached with your hair, you can keep up with your hair routine. Wigs are the most fun you can have with your hair, since it’s not permanent. Everyday you can wear a completely different wig and look like an entirely different person.

Crochet Braids

Nice crochet install @kiitana  Read the article here -

Crochet braids have recently become very popular and I personally love how easy the hairstyle is. Cornrows are braided onto the scalp and hair is woven through the braid to ensure less tension on the scalp and hair. This is really the easiest install and take down. There are so many videos online that you can do this yourself and it’ll look amazing. I’ve down this myself a few times and the entire process never takes longer than three hours.


Lengthy With A Twist - 25 Beautiful Black Women Rocking This Season's Most Popular Hairstyle

Cornrows have comeback with a vengeance and have become THE black hairstyle of the year. Cornrows have been the oldest black hairstyle dating back to 3000 B.C. in Africa.  It’s a simple, yet intricate hairstyle that truly works in all seasons. They can be as long or as short as you want them to be, varying in size and style. These usually have to be redone the quickest but when well-maintained they can last a month.


Marley twist  Ig: @yannaleebraids__

I find twists the most versatile style of them all. There are so many different types of twists and I think it’s good to have fun in the winter with them. You can have your pick from Havana, Marley, or Senegalese Twists. They all have a different look to them that can change-up your style for the winter. When it’s cold, people just seem to lose all motivation to look cute instead of bundling up. I think twists make it so easy to look cute and cozy.

I hope you got some inspiration on your next hairstyle from this. 🙂


Joanna Sarah

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Issa Wig?!?!


Yes, I made my crochet hair into a wig. I did that. I used the Freetress Shake & Go Braided Crochet Cap, which I hated at first. I had headaches and it always felt like it was falling, but after a while I got used to it. By my third time wearing the wig, I had no headaches and I felt like my wig was on secure. Even if its secure I’m not going to go and flips and test its strength. The install was pretty easy, expect the braids were tight. I watched many videos and reviews before trying it out. The videos really help with the install, knowing how to put it on and what I should wear it to make it look realistic. Honestly, this wig was one of my best hair ideas. I don’t know if I’ll use the cap again and make another wig, but I wore this until October. It was convenient and made taking care of my hair way easier.


Joanna Sarah

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