My Curly Girl Products

I just love this shampoo by Cantu, it is perfect for all naturalistas. It sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben free, and mineral oil free. Basically, it can do your hair no wrong. For a sulfate-free shampoo, it removes build up and dirt really well. This is my favorite shampoo of all time.

As you can see, I need to buy some more conditioner lol. This is the matching Cantu conditioner to the shampoo above. I love how this feels in my hair, so creamy and smooth. It gives my curls a great slick perfect for detangling.

The most noticeable trait about this deep conditioner is that it smells so good. After using this, my hair really does get softer and less prone to breakage.

I co-wash my hair in-between washings when there is product build up. It moisturizes and removes most of the excess product, until wash day. When my hair is especially dry, this adds back all the moisture lost.

I have just recently started using this and still don’t know how I feel about it yet. It does make my hair feel somewhat greasy after each use.

I love this product so much. I have been using this ever since I started taking care of my own hair. It makes my hair soft and moisturized. My hair benefits from using Cantu’s leave-in conditioner.

This is pretty much the only oil I use and it’s really light. My hair never feels greasy or oily with Argan oil. There really is no particular brand of Argan oil that I use.

This gel is works miracles with my thick curly hair. I would recommend this to everyone. It doesn’t get flaky or white. It actually kinda of makes my hair straight when it’s been up in a bun all day.



I use this hair moisturizer more for my twist and braid-outs. Recently, I’ve been adding it in my hair for extra moisture and see that my hair retains moisture longer. It seems divine, which is an added bonus.


Joanna Sarah

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Nighttime Curly Hair Routine 

After a long day of either school or work, I take my hair out of it’s current style and massage my scalp. I take about 10 minutes massaging my scalp as I wind down from all of the day’s activites.

Then I separate my hair into sections and dampen it with water. I apply raw Shea Butter into each section and braid my hair.
If my roots are dry, I dampen the tips of my fingers with Argan Oil and rub into my scalp.

To end my night routine, I place my bonnet on my head to protect my hair as I sleep. Quick and simple. 🙂


Joanna Sarah

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Jamaican Bounce Crochet Braids

img_4039img_4048I installed these myself, after my aunt braided my hair into a crochet pattern. It took my about three hours give or take. I love the outcome of the it and it was my first time crocheting my hair on my own.

After two weeks, the curls became matted in the back. As soon as I separated them and cut some stray strands it was as giid as new. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this hair and I truly do love it. I’m thinking of making this my go-to signature hair style. 


Joanna Sarah

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