My Fall Curly Hair Hacks

Fall is here and with fall comes frigid air. As a girl with curly and thick hair, it is important for me to keep my curls moisturized and protected. Dry hair in the cold is not something any girl wants to deal with. Above is a graphic created by hair color company, eSalon that inspired me to make this post about some of my favorite hair hacks.

Deep Condition


A good deep conditioner keeps the moisture in for just a little longer. For the ultimate soft hair, spend a minimum of 15 minutes deep conditioning your hair. The extra step will make your hair feel loved. I promise. 😉

Don’t Wash Your Hair Often


When it’s cold outside, it’s not best to wash your hair often. Shampoo strips hair of its moisture, wheter it’s sulfate-free or not. I recommend co-washing your hair. I co-wash my hair between using shampoo and my hair has never been healthier. For those who don’t knw, co-washing is using conditioner to cleanse your hair instead of shampoo. It’s another way cleaning your hair and keeping its moisture.

Protective Styles Are Key


For a black girl with curly hair, my hair is constantly in elaborate styles to keep the brutal wind away. Buns and moisturized twist outs are my go-to hairstyles, when my hair isn’t in faux locs or twists. When it’s cold out, keep your hair away from the dry atmosphere as best as possible. Don’t let your hair suffer from the cold and become dry.

I hope you guys enjoyed these hair hacks.


Joanna Sarah

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Daytime Curly Hair Routine

In the morning, I unbraid my hair and apply some Argan oil to each section.

If my hair is really dry, I dampen it with water and apply my Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner Repair Cream to add moisture.

Then I style my hair as I please using the Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel as needed.

When I’m trying to achieve a slick back look, I wrap my hair in a bandana for 10-15 minutes to ensure that there are no flyaways.

My mornings are pretty simple regarding to hair care, it’s usually taming my hair that takes time.


Joanna Sarah

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Wash Day Curly Hair Routine 

On wash day, I get into the shower and drench my hair with water completely. Once my hair is wet, I grab my Cantu for Natural Hair Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo and massage it into my scalp. If my hair is really dirty, than I’ll shampoo twice.

After shampooing, I condition my hair with Cantu’s for Natural Hair Sulfate-Free Hydrating Cream Conditioner. As my hair is really dry, I condition my hair twice and leave the conditioner in for about 5-10 minutes.

Before I leave the shower, I apply Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque into my hair in sections. After about 45-60 minutes, I rinse my hair and apply the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner Repair Cream.

After wash day, I usually braid or twist my hair as I please, depending on how I want to style my hair.


Joanna Sarah

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Twist Crown Afro

This hairstyle is so cute and easy. I honestly fell in love when I first did this. This paints my natural kinky curly hair in it’s best state – shrinkage and all. I used my Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk and some argan oil with water to make my curls more prominent. I got an ouchless headband and wrapped it around twice to push my hair back. I got an old crochet twist and wrapped it around the crown of my hair. I pinned it down in the back and added some hair jewelry to make it cuter. That’s it. My favorite hairstyles are the ones that take only about five minutes.


Joanna Sarah

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Faux Locs Crochet Hair Review 




In total I had seven pack of hair in my head; two 20″ inch Natty Goddess Dreadlocks in the color 2 and five 18″ Bomba Dreadlocks Faux Locs Soul in the color 2. My go-to for crochet is usually faux locs because I love the dread styles and how I look with them. They were really thick and had a reasonable weight for seven packs of hair. I kept my dreads long for about three weeks and then I got really hot. I cut them to be shoulder-length and I really love that short bob look. It’s been about a month and a half and they still look brand new. They do get tangled, but that’s easily fixed with scissors. My only complaint is that the loop for the Natty Goddess hair wasn’t as defined and pre-lopped as the Bomba Faux Soul. Therefore, it would occasionally fall out. I love the hair so much that I took it out and made a crochet wig out of it. A post will be coming soon about that. 😉 I highly recommend the Bomba Faux Soul, if you want more of a realistic dread look. The Natty Goddess Locs have a slight curl to it that I like. Mixing the two different types of dreads had a really nice outcome. Experimenting with hair always brings unexpectedly results.


Joanna Sarah

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My Curly Girl Products

I just love this shampoo by Cantu, it is perfect for all naturalistas. It sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben free, and mineral oil free. Basically, it can do your hair no wrong. For a sulfate-free shampoo, it removes build up and dirt really well. This is my favorite shampoo of all time.

As you can see, I need to buy some more conditioner lol. This is the matching Cantu conditioner to the shampoo above. I love how this feels in my hair, so creamy and smooth. It gives my curls a great slick perfect for detangling.

The most noticeable trait about this deep conditioner is that it smells so good. After using this, my hair really does get softer and less prone to breakage.

I co-wash my hair in-between washings when there is product build up. It moisturizes and removes most of the excess product, until wash day. When my hair is especially dry, this adds back all the moisture lost.

I have just recently started using this and still don’t know how I feel about it yet. It does make my hair feel somewhat greasy after each use.

I love this product so much. I have been using this ever since I started taking care of my own hair. It makes my hair soft and moisturized. My hair benefits from using Cantu’s leave-in conditioner.

This is pretty much the only oil I use and it’s really light. My hair never feels greasy or oily with Argan oil. There really is no particular brand of Argan oil that I use.

This gel is works miracles with my thick curly hair. I would recommend this to everyone. It doesn’t get flaky or white. It actually kinda of makes my hair straight when it’s been up in a bun all day.



I use this hair moisturizer more for my twist and braid-outs. Recently, I’ve been adding it in my hair for extra moisture and see that my hair retains moisture longer. It seems divine, which is an added bonus.


Joanna Sarah

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Nighttime Curly Hair Routine 

After a long day of either school or work, I take my hair out of it’s current style and massage my scalp. I take about 10 minutes massaging my scalp as I wind down from all of the day’s activites.

Then I separate my hair into sections and dampen it with water. I apply raw Shea Butter into each section and braid my hair.
If my roots are dry, I dampen the tips of my fingers with Argan Oil and rub into my scalp.

To end my night routine, I place my bonnet on my head to protect my hair as I sleep. Quick and simple. 🙂


Joanna Sarah

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