Bold Orange Bodycon Dress


To me, a perfect summer outfit is something that isn’t restraining. I spend a good amount of my summer, wearing dresses and maxi skirts. I don’t really like shorts at all. Most of them are tight and make my thighs sweat. Shorts only seem to make me hotter; while dresses and skirts on the other hand, enable me to be cooler. Though this dress is a bodycon dress, it is not necessarily tight. I love how conservative this dress is, even if it is form fitting. I didn’t really accessorize this dress too much, because it just speaks for itself. My Happiness necklace was the perfect touch to add to this outfit. It is a very flattering dress that compliments my curves and my skin color.

Dress: Rainbow

Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Purse: Sears

Shoes: Payless


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Proverbs 18:10

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LA T-Shirt & Orange Scarf Look

This is actually a fall outfit, but I would wear it in the summer during those freak cold days. My favorite part about this fit is my bright orange infinity scarf and the pop of color it gives. Perfect for on the go, all you have to do is tuck in a t-shirt and pull on a jacket. If you wanted to go out to a dinner with friends, this is the outfit for you. To dress it up jut swap out the sneakers for a pair of black, orange, or even white pumps. Personally, I don’t believe in “summer clothes” and “winter clothes.” Through all seasons, I layer my clothes and switch out certain pieces to accommodate, what I’m doing a certain day.

Jacket: Forever 21

Shirt: JCPenney

Scarf: Mall Kiosk

Black Jeggings: Rainbow

Sneakers: BeBe


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Romans 8:6

Piece of the Week: BOLD Sweatshirt

I usually hate sweaters, I can’t really stand anything long sleeve besides sweatshirt. But this sweater is oh so comfortable. It’s just like a sweatshirt, but not as thick. Perfect for windy days. I love the message behind it. BOLD stands for Becoming Our Live Dreams, basically meaning that we can do whatever we set our minds to do and achieve our dreams. I just pair this sweater with jeggings and my black statement sneakers for a simple and bold look.

Sweater: I don’t remember, sorry 🙂

Jeggings: Rainbow

Sneakers: BeBe


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day:  John 3:21

Floral Top & Black Maxi Skirt Fit

On Sunday, I wore this fit to church. It was disgustingly hot outside and I wanted a breathable outfit that was simple. You might remember this top from my black floral two-piece post. I paired it with what other than a maxi skirt. I may not be wearing the jacket in any of these photos, but I actually did wear it. It wasn’t just a prop haha. I’m wearing my new two strand black and gold sandals that I will be making a blog post about soon. This look would also be great for a beach day, if you ditch the jacket. For me, summer is all about versatile looks. If I can wear an outfit to different places on different occasions, it’s a win. Summer is hot enough as it is, there shouldn’t be any stress about outfits.

Jacket: Rainbow

Necklace: Real Gold that my momma bought for me

Top: JCPenney

Skirt: Charlotte Russe

Sandals: Rainbow


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Hebrews 13:5

Black & White Flannel with Chokers

The asethetic of this look just makes me fall in love. It’s edgy and chic. It’s grungy. Honestly, my chokers and necklace just complete this look making it look more put together. The flannel just gives the look a flair. This look is great for a day, when you don’t want to look overly dressy but still look presentable. To me, this outfit is more of a comfortable, lazy day outfit that actually looks good.

Vintage Tank Top: JCPenney

Flannel: Kohl’s

Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Hiking Boots: Rue 21

Chokers: Charlotte Russe

Necklace: Charlotte Russe


Joanna Sarah
Song of the Day: Too Good by Drake ft Rihanna

Army Green Jacket & Brown Boots

Stilling rocking these fall-like styles here in Jersey. Summer, where you at? This was one of my “I’m really lazy right now and it’s so cold outside” looks. If I wore combat boots with this outfit, I think it might have looked better and more on the grunge side of fashion. But, it actually works for post-winter and fall weather. I got my boots online about two years ago. My navy blue t-shirt is just a regular t-shirt I got from a school. My army green jacket is from Forever 21 and is just one of my overall wardrobe essentials. The scarf was really just to make me look more presentable.


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: Too Good By Drake ft Rihanna

Turquoise Cardigan & All Black

Don’t you hate it when it’s summer, yet it rains for an entire week? You can’t go swimming or to the beach. If you were shorts or skirts, then your legs will be soaked. The best way to go is with a light fit that is comfortable and doesn’t make you feel sticky. Grab your leggings and a cami, throw on your favorite sneakers. Get that light cardigan in closet to block out the rain. The bets thing about a cardigan is that when the rain stops for an hour, you can take it off.

Cardigan: JCPenney

Infinity Scraf: Mall Kiosk

Cami: Rainbow

Leggings: Rainbow

Sneakers: Bebe


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: All of Me By John Legend

Verse of the Day: Jeremiah 29:11