Fall & Winter Hairstyle Inspiration

Box Braids

2016 Fall & Winter 2017 Hairstyles for Black and African American Women  10

Box braids are one of the most common hairstyles for black girls, but they are a classic. If you’re going for a simple and pretty look, then box braids are the way to go. They have gotten so easy to accessorize now. Hair has become an accessory of its own with clips, beads, wire, and colorful string. Box braids are perfect if you want a quick interchangeable look that can be accessorized to match any outfit.


I have honestly yet to invest in wigs, but I love the concept of them. You can throw it on before you go out the door and throw it right off as soon as you get home. I think wigs are the best style to protect your hair and let it grow to its true potential. Because it’s not attached with your hair, you can keep up with your hair routine. Wigs are the most fun you can have with your hair, since it’s not permanent. Everyday you can wear a completely different wig and look like an entirely different person.

Crochet Braids

Nice crochet install @kiitana  Read the article here - http://www.blackhairinformation.com/hairstyle-gallery/nice-crochet-install-kiitana/

Crochet braids have recently become very popular and I personally love how easy the hairstyle is. Cornrows are braided onto the scalp and hair is woven through the braid to ensure less tension on the scalp and hair. This is really the easiest install and take down. There are so many videos online that you can do this yourself and it’ll look amazing. I’ve down this myself a few times and the entire process never takes longer than three hours.


Lengthy With A Twist - 25 Beautiful Black Women Rocking This Season's Most Popular Hairstyle

Cornrows have comeback with a vengeance and have become THE black hairstyle of the year. Cornrows have been the oldest black hairstyle dating back to 3000 B.C. in Africa.  It’s a simple, yet intricate hairstyle that truly works in all seasons. They can be as long or as short as you want them to be, varying in size and style. These usually have to be redone the quickest but when well-maintained they can last a month.


Marley twist  Ig: @yannaleebraids__

I find twists the most versatile style of them all. There are so many different types of twists and I think it’s good to have fun in the winter with them. You can have your pick from Havana, Marley, or Senegalese Twists. They all have a different look to them that can change-up your style for the winter. When it’s cold, people just seem to lose all motivation to look cute instead of bundling up. I think twists make it so easy to look cute and cozy.

I hope you got some inspiration on your next hairstyle from this. 🙂


Joanna Sarah

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