Life Journal 12/29/17

I haven’t done one of these in forever. Wow. I believe a life update is well deserved on my part. I don’t know where to begin, so I guess I’ll start with school. School has been trying, oh so trying. It’s definitely gotten the best of me and is one of the reasons that I haven’t been blogging consistently. It’s hard, being sixteen and having so many responsibilities. I have two AP classes and everything else is all advanced. I constantly have homework and of course there’s after school activities and sports.

I’m trying and doing the best I can. I started looking at colleges and thinking about my GPA more than usual. I’m junior and the college application process is definitely around the corner. I finally started a YouTube channel, which you should all subscribe to (hint hint). As of right now, it’s vlog based but I plan to make beauty and fashion videos later. I might even have a few advice videos. Christmas was good and reminded me how time really does fly. Legit last Christmas feels like it happened a week ago.

But a new year, comes with new possibilities. I’m excited for what the future holds, but I want to enjoy my teenage years more. I have definitely become lazy in taking care of myself, like keeping up my skin care routine. And boy, I am such a procrasinator. I realized that the reason I have procrastinated more and kind of gave up on my skin care routine is that I’m just trying to enjoy the moment. When you think about it, we spend so much time worrying about what comes next. We never spend time thinking about right now. One of my goals for 2018, is to be here in the present instead of in the future.

To be honest, I’m struggling with life. But I’m trying and that’s all that matters.


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: John 1:18

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Christmas Vlogs

img_1147Hey lovelies, I made a Youtube channel and I posted some Christmas vlogs! Here’s little insight look on how I spent my Christmas Eve and Christmas. I will definitely be posting more vlogs on my channel. I hope to go more to the beauty and fashion side, when I get an official camera. I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: John 3:17

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Merry Christmas

img_1003Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful Christmas. For all who don’t celebrate, I hope you had an amazing day. I want to say that I’m grateful for each and every one of you. It means so much to me that y’all support me and my blog. You all are honestly my family. I love y’all. ❤


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Isaiah 9:6

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My Box Braids

My latest protective hairstyle is triangle part box braids that a family friend did for me. I honestly love them so much. At first, I thought they were too thin but I think the curls really make it work and look pretty thick. It’s so manageable is not heavy at all. I haven’t gotten any headaches and it’s not really heavy. However, my edges were really tight at first now they’ve loosen a little. I have so much more liberty with how I style my hair, it has gotten really manageable. I bought the hair from my local beauty supply store for $4.99. It was the basic jumbo three-in-one braiding hair. I used three packs, which is actually nine packs. To get the ends curly, I braided the hair and dipped it in hot water for about ten minutes. This is such a convenient style and will benefit my kinky hair very much during these cold months.


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Psalm 100:4

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Fall & Winter Hairstyle Inspiration

Box Braids

2016 Fall & Winter 2017 Hairstyles for Black and African American Women  10

Box braids are one of the most common hairstyles for black girls, but they are a classic. If you’re going for a simple and pretty look, then box braids are the way to go. They have gotten so easy to accessorize now. Hair has become an accessory of its own with clips, beads, wire, and colorful string. Box braids are perfect if you want a quick interchangeable look that can be accessorized to match any outfit.


I have honestly yet to invest in wigs, but I love the concept of them. You can throw it on before you go out the door and throw it right off as soon as you get home. I think wigs are the best style to protect your hair and let it grow to its true potential. Because it’s not attached with your hair, you can keep up with your hair routine. Wigs are the most fun you can have with your hair, since it’s not permanent. Everyday you can wear a completely different wig and look like an entirely different person.

Crochet Braids

Nice crochet install @kiitana  Read the article here -

Crochet braids have recently become very popular and I personally love how easy the hairstyle is. Cornrows are braided onto the scalp and hair is woven through the braid to ensure less tension on the scalp and hair. This is really the easiest install and take down. There are so many videos online that you can do this yourself and it’ll look amazing. I’ve down this myself a few times and the entire process never takes longer than three hours.


Lengthy With A Twist - 25 Beautiful Black Women Rocking This Season's Most Popular Hairstyle

Cornrows have comeback with a vengeance and have become THE black hairstyle of the year. Cornrows have been the oldest black hairstyle dating back to 3000 B.C. in Africa.  It’s a simple, yet intricate hairstyle that truly works in all seasons. They can be as long or as short as you want them to be, varying in size and style. These usually have to be redone the quickest but when well-maintained they can last a month.


Marley twist  Ig: @yannaleebraids__

I find twists the most versatile style of them all. There are so many different types of twists and I think it’s good to have fun in the winter with them. You can have your pick from Havana, Marley, or Senegalese Twists. They all have a different look to them that can change-up your style for the winter. When it’s cold, people just seem to lose all motivation to look cute instead of bundling up. I think twists make it so easy to look cute and cozy.

I hope you got some inspiration on your next hairstyle from this. 🙂


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Isaiah 25:1

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Facing Your Fashion Fears

img_8907img_9215Fashion Fears. You know the clothes and  different styles that you will never wear or try because you’re scared of how they will look on you. That daring red dress in your closet. That really pretty vintage top that you saw in the thrift shop, but don’t think will match your style. Dia&Co, a plus size woman’s clothing company, have this amazing event called Try-Day Friday, where they challenge themselves to get out of their style comfort zone.

img_9121img_8994My outfit that I’m wearing is a vintage look that I’ve always wanted to try, but never had the guts to. Dia&Co inspired me to dress out of my style zone. I’m not the type of girl to wear ripped jeans. I never really found them appealing and my mom hated them. I got these pair as a gift from a family friend and I loved them because they were something new, but I didn’t feel too exposed.

img_9080img_9157I was most insecure about my red crop top because of the area of skin that was left bare. I have a few crop tops, however I normally don’t wear them. To me it’s just weird to be having  bare midriff and I feel like people are staring at it. Pairing my crop top with my bomber jacket definitely made me feel less insecure. Also, the color combination is so striking with olive-green against a bright red.

img_9002-1img_9101Since I was going all out, I decided to throw on a bandana to complete the look. I’m so glad that I choose to wear this outfit. I loved the 90s and early 2000s vibes I gave off. Switching up your style for a day doesn’t mean that you have to be showing a lot of skin, it just means wearing something different that you normally wouldn’t. If I could be bold and then you all can too. Face your fashion fears and be yourself.


Joanna Sarah

Verse of the Day: Habakkuk 2:14

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