Life Journal 6/16/17

Hey lovelies, I have embraced a new mindset to live and that mindset is happiness. I have decided that I would rather be happy and live life than be sad and unsatisified with life. I have been uncontent with my life for awhile and now I want to be happy because my happiness matters.

Summer seventeen is all about improving myself before my junior year of high school. I want to be happier and healthier and a better Christian. I believe that in order for me to be a better person than I have to search for God and do what makes me happy. Life shouldn’t be wasted on others and what they want. It’s all about God’s plan for my life and  if what I want aligns with God’s plan for me.


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: Hold You Down By DJ Khaled

Verse of the Day: Isaiah 12:3 “WIth joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.”


Black & White Flannel with Chokers

The asethetic of this look just makes me fall in love. It’s edgy and chic. It’s grungy. Honestly, my chokers and necklace just complete this look making it look more put together. The flannel just gives the look a flair. This look is great for a day, when you don’t want to look overly dressy but still look presentable. To me, this outfit is more of a comfortable, lazy day outfit that actually looks good.

Vintage Tank Top: JCPenney

Flannel: Kohl’s

Jeans: Charlotte Russe

Hiking Boots: Rue 21

Chokers: Charlotte Russe

Necklace: Charlotte Russe


Joanna Sarah
Song of the Day: Too Good by Drake ft Rihanna

Army Green Jacket & Brown Boots

Stilling rocking these fall-like styles here in Jersey. Summer, where you at? This was one of my “I’m really lazy right now and it’s so cold outside” looks. If I wore combat boots with this outfit, I think it might have looked better and more on the grunge side of fashion. But, it actually works for post-winter and fall weather. I got my boots online about two years ago. My navy blue t-shirt is just a regular t-shirt I got from a school. My army green jacket is from Forever 21 and is just one of my overall wardrobe essentials. The scarf was really just to make me look more presentable.


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: Too Good By Drake ft Rihanna

Turquoise Cardigan & All Black

Don’t you hate it when it’s summer, yet it rains for an entire week? You can’t go swimming or to the beach. If you were shorts or skirts, then your legs will be soaked. The best way to go is with a light fit that is comfortable and doesn’t make you feel sticky. Grab your leggings and a cami, throw on your favorite sneakers. Get that light cardigan in closet to block out the rain. The bets thing about a cardigan is that when the rain stops for an hour, you can take it off.

Cardigan: JCPenney

Infinity Scraf: Mall Kiosk

Cami: Rainbow

Leggings: Rainbow

Sneakers: Bebe


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: All of Me By John Legend

Verse of the Day: Jeremiah 29:11

Life Journal 6/2/17

For Memorial Day Weekend,  I went to Boston for a church convention. I honestly did not take any pictures for some weird reason. LOL, what’s wrong with me? I obiviously did Snapchat the entire experience, but not one photo. I stayed in my hotel the entire weekend, meaning I only left when I checked in and out of the hotel. Some of my outfits were really cute, but the hotel had weird and disgusting lighting.

On the bright side, the last day of sophomore year is about three weeks away. I’ll probably be posting a reflection post, when school officially ends instead of a Life Journal. The real highlight of my week is that Netflix has updated Jane The Virgin, The Flash, and Arrow. I’m dead serious, guys.


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: Smile by PnB Rock