Outfits of the Week: 4/28/17








For a normal school week plus church, these are the looks I’m usually sporting. I’m not always glanmed up and looking fabulous. I honestly don’t even wear makeup too school often, but I did my makeup for the purpose of these looks. Which was your favorite look of the week?


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: Son of Man (Bless the Lord) by Tye Tribett


Latest Trend: Chokers

Chokers are this year’s statement piece. I know it can be hard to find ways to incorporate it into your daily wardrobe. Basically, it all depends on which type of choker you have and how it represents you and your style. Chokers don’t only have to be edgy, they can be girly or preppy. It’s all on how you wear it. Wear the piece, don’t let it wear you.


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: White Iverson by Post Malone

Life Journal 4/21/17

Hello! These past few weeks have been really chill and I’ve just been relaxed with it all. However, I know next week is going to be really hetic. I’m going on my high school band trip for the weekend to Virginia and I have so much to prepare for! We’ll be leaving early Thursday morning and returning late Sunday night. I honestly cannot wait, I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to post on here.


Yesterday, I went on a class trip to Grounds for Sculptures. It’s this park, where there are sculptures inspired by famous paintings. It was my second time going there and I enjoyed it. The only thing is I didn’t dress for the weather at all. We all thought it was going to rain and be a disgusting day, but it turned out to be sunny.


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: Already Knew That by Ro James

Almay Intense i-Color Makeup Look

I’ve had this eye shadow trio for about two years now and I’m still in love with it. The different shades of purple really make my brown eyes pop. It is a great trio for any beginner to use. On the back, there is even a mini guide on how to use the trio. It’s a great quick and easy eye makeup look for a casual day time look. With some lashes and a dramatic eyeliner, it can be the perfect for a night out. This is Almay’s Intense i-Color Party Brights Trio in 125 for brown eyes.


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: Body by Dreezy


Piece of the Week: Madden Girl Boots

I recently got these boots at Macy’s on sale and decided to pair them with two different all black outfits to accentuate the boots. These boots are Madden Girl Klash boots by Steve Madden. They are super chic and are able to dress up any outfit. I love them alot, I just hate how they poke my knees when climbing up stairs and when I just walk in general. But hey, beauty is pain.


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: Broccli by D.R.A.M.

What is Jersey Fabulous?

What is Jersey Fabulous?

Jersey Fabulous represents my style, which originates in New Jersey. As a teenager, I’m still developing my style and I want a brand that represents that. After much struggling and a few polls, Jersey Fabulous was chosen and became my brand. I dress more towards the edgy side with a hint of girly swag. Whenever I pick an outfit and it’s not a bum day, I always try different ways to mix and match some of my key pieces. For a majority of my outfits, I dress confidently in them. Meaning with whatever I wear, I just own because my outfit represents me and who I am as a person. Jersey Fabulous overall is the epitome of me, Joanna Sarah, and who I am as a person.


Joanna Sarah

Song of the Day: Goosebumps by Travis Scott